Pujas have always been conducted in homes and temples, and India’s enlightened spiritual masters have used puja to send long-distance healing as well. In today’s age, Puja Patha TM has made puja available to the world through video conferencing. While some aspects have to be compromised or replicated in one’s own space (e.g. the incense and blessed food or prasad), the energy remains equally potent through webcast, and is now available to worshipers in any part of the world.

  • All of our pujas take place in highly sacred spaces in India by Acharyas/pandits who are specifically vetted by us.
  • We analyze your individual astrology chart to determines which pujas and timings are best for you, creating customized healing and alignment for your personal issues.
  • We provide holiday-specific pujas (those conducted on the sacred astrologically significant Hindu holidays of Navratri, Diwali, Holi, etc, such as Lakshmi Puja), so you can tap into the collective intentions of a billion people conducting holiday-specific pujas around the world. The Indian calendar is a lunar calendar, so our holidays fall on different dates each year on the Gregorian calendar.